Category Topics

Annual Session Bulletin Board

This section is for Annual Session attenders to reach out to each other, just like the bulletin board outside the dining hall in the past. General announcements should be looked for under “Announcements”. Requests for help with Annual Session should be under the “Annual Session Information & Help” category.

Racial Justice

What racial justice resources would you like to share with the community? This is the place to post them. These will also be archived and be available after Annual Session.

Beyond Annual Session

What’s going on in the greater Quaker world that others should know about?

Worship Sharing

Do you have questions, concerns or feedback about Worship Sharing? This is the place to post them.


Welcome to the 2020 Annual Session of Pacific Yearly Meeting!

Discourse Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Annual Session Information & Help

Need help with something related to Pacific Yearly Meeting? Have a question about what we’re doing that doesn’t fit anywhere else? Ask for help here!

Affinity Groups

Here’s a section where you can post information about affinity groups, or carry on non-confidential discussions that arise from an affinity group you’ve attended.

Opportunities during Annual Session

Information about opportunities of interest to Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session participants go here!